18 April 2006

Tuesday and a hypothetical challenge

What would you tell someone with this problem:

They have just met someone new, and they are trying to make friends with them.
One of their friends comes along and makes better friends with the person the other person was trying to make friends with.
Now, the first person feels really bad because their old friend has made better friends with their new friend than the first person and their old friend have ever been.
Then the first person feels mad and jealous, but doesn't really want to tell their old friend, because then it will seem like they're being jealous.

This is an interesting logical puzzle I found. You have to know about human emotions...maybe girls would be better than guys in this instance! :D Anyhow, if you want to give feedback on this, I need it in three ways:

1. What would you say to the first person?
2. What would you say to the old friend?
3. What would you say to the new friend?

Today was great. We got a lot done and had fun getting ready for the tournament. We're so close to being ready I can taste it! *eww..* actually it's pretty good. I think we can pull this off without stressing either family out! This is going to be fun.


Josh said...

Well umm.... .. . I'm a guy and to number one : some peoples pesonalities just dont mix past a certain point
#2 Do you have something that is putting a wall up between you?
#3 have fun ?!!

Firefly said...

Thanks Josh it's ok :D really. It's just a hypothetical challenge.