25 April 2006

What I did on Saturday

On Saturday, Will started a fad of signing hands. So we walked around and asked people to sign our hands and arms. Some people did-most people did-and Will got about 140 signatures up and down both his arms. Austin G. got more than that and Emily H. came in second, I think. Austin got sigs all the way up and down his arms and even a few on his shoulders. I know, we sound like heathens...but remember, we were really bored and we had a ton of people at our disposal! It's one of the stupid things we have to do before we grow up.

Here is a complete list of all the sigs I got on my arms and hands.

Left hand, arm
1. Kaitlyn A.
2. Austin K.
3. Hillary S.
4. Lydia G.
5. >Illegible<
6. Daniel A.
7. Lydia T. (that's me!!)
8. Pam A.
9. Nathanael M.
10. Allegra T. (that's my sis)
11. Matthew W.
12. Hannah L.
13. Missi R.
14. Connor M.
15. Cosette D.
16. Esther T.
17. Julie D.
18. Austin G. (other hand-signing teenager)
19. Brea ...
20. Mollie C.
21. Brogan E.
22. Wesley T.
23. Stephen ...
24. Seth E.
25. Colby C.
26. John B.
27. Cynthia J.
28. Jared B.
29. Jesse B.
30. Rebecca P.
31. Josh D.
32. >Illegible<
33. >Illegible<
34. >Illegible<
35. >Illegible<
36. Mackenzi S.
37. Josiah D.
38. Chad F.
39. Meredith ...
40. Soren R.

Right hand, arm
41. David ...
42. Mark W.
43. Mark R./S. Kram
44. Amanda ...
45. Rachael S.
46. Michael H.
47. Emily H. (other teen collecting hand sigs)
48. Mary T.
49. Savannah A.
50. Samantha S.
51. Joy L.
52. Shea S.
53. Joanna G.
54. Stephen H.
55. Lexi W.
56. Maria ...
57. Robert A./Odis Prefect/Tic Tac
58. Julie ...
59. Ashlyn G.
60. Emory G. (?)
61. David U.
61. Asher ...
62. John A. M. III

And last of all, in no particular order,

63. Petra


So, not as many as the others got.

1. Austin G.-between 130-180 sigs on hands, arms and shoulders
2. Will A.-between 130-160 sigs on hands and arms
3. Emily H.-between 100-120 sigs on hands and arms
4. Lydia T.-63 sigs on hands, on arms up to elbows

These are estimates, and they are rounded. Any amendment from an eyewitness or someone who was there & knows better would be greatly appreciated.




Josh said...

Wow that sounds like a lot of fun

Firefly said...

Yup, wicked fun. :D
As I said, we were real bored.


Firefly said...

Ok, amendment: On seeing Will A. yesterday at speech & debate club, he clarified that he had 120 sigs on his hands and arms. Which pretty much brings everyone else's numbers down as well. So just FYI. If you care! :D