22 May 2006

College prep? Or early burn-out?

My sis sent this to me. Check out what it has to say before your life begins to revolve around your transcript.



Josh said...

Im glad that Im homeschooled :)

Firefly said...

I know homeschoolers who are like that, though. I'm just glad I'm me!!


Josh said...

Thats the mold that the world would have you in, if you think about it 90%+ of colleges will train you in a very liberal and doubting point of view when it comes to God. :)

Firefly said...

That's true. It's almost worth going overseas-you get a better education. Only problem is, even these spiffy college-ready ppl probably wouldn't qualify to get into any of those universities!!

I'd rather not be a flaming liberal when I get out of college, thank you very much.

Josh said...

Unless God is the center of every studie, it is going to go corrupt.
overseas' or at home

Look at Harvard and Yale. Their founders would be shocked to see what is taught in their theology.
Those schools were founded to train Godly ministers, lawyers, etc. what do they do now? they train lawyers, docters, and more, but they arent being trained by the school to be God centered