21 May 2006

Sunday & weekly update

We got a car over the last week. It's nice. I'm excited. And I don't want to make anyone jealous. But I don't think anyone who knows me personally reads this blog, so....It's a '77 Camaro, 6 cylinder with a rusted-out exhaust system. We're looking at installing a glass pack for it. It needs quite a bit of bodywork, as right now the roof is covered with "fur" from a former vinyl top the previous owner ripped off because it was getting into such bad shape. However, the interior is impeccable and the engine is extremely well maintained. We're the third owners of this car, which is unusual for it's age-usually they have more owners. Anyhow, that's our summer project. We will be working our tails off this summer to try to get enough money to split the cost half and half with our dad. Also, we need to look into insurance, etc for it. This could be a lot of fun!




Josh said...

Sweet thats awesome !!!

Firefly said...

Oh yah!! I hope I can get some pics on here. It isn't too pretty right now, but it's our summer project.