30 March 2007

I am *finally* posting again! Thank you, thank you, to all my *coughhack* faithful readers.

But seriously, it is great to be back.

I’m prepping for regionals in team policy debate and impromptu, and it really is quite fun. I love research so much! I wish I could spend all my time learning about NATO, the ICI, the CFE, the NPT and the GCC! Yay! Debate is wonderful! And of course, impromptu takes a close second! And I get to go to regionals in both of them! *spazzes out*

God really made himself known to me through speech and debate this year, though. He bolstered my sense of value as a speaker, but didn’t let it go to my head by allowing me to break in impromptu my first time ever doing it. While I broke with it, I didn’t make it to finals (which was fine with me). He bolstered my sense of worth as a speaker because I felt a little as if I’d been riding along on my debate partner’s coattails (which is not a pleasant feeling) all the way up through finals at PDQ. But when I broke with impromptu, I felt *better* about my speaking capabilities! So much better, in fact, that if I’d broken to finals, I’d have been way cocky (pardon my grammar). I’m very pleased with how I have improved since last year, and I’m more than happy to be around all the amazingly awesomely coolful people in speech and debate.

On other fronts...other school subjects are coming along well. I’m actually getting a ton of work done despite the decidedly spring-ish note in the air. It’s really getting nice, and I’m excited about spring (just like I was last year – it never gets old!!!) All those...bugs...and all that sunscreen...I can’t wait for warm weather. :)

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