16 April 2006

Upcoming art project...

We are supposed to combine two totally different animals into one. How am I supposed to do this?!? This could be fun...

I'm thinking of doing a hummingbird

And a pangolin. Yes, put together.

Or perhaps a peacock...

And a seahorse. Yup, put together.

Can't beat me for sheer randomness!!

Today was good...we watched the Passion of the Christ this afternoon. Wow. That's all I can say. Definitely well timed for today! That movie is well done. I just don't really like Mel Gibson's emphasis on Mary. We had a great Easter! God really made it special for us.




Josh said...

You are random!

You should draw a pangolin, they're cool.
One of our cats got a hummingbird the other day.

Firefly said...

Pangolins are pretty cool...yes I am random! But our teacher wanted us to be...:D

Dude, your cat got a hummingbird? Pretty quick cat you got there!


Josh said...

Ya and it is the heaviest cat that we have. But the bird perched bellow the porch and to close.
Oh well one less contestant for the bird feeder.