15 April 2006


We are working on an itinerary for school today, as well as getting ahead in geometry homework and preparing to host our family. It’s been great with all this warm weather…68 today and warmer yesterday. Easter with this weather will be even more special!

I’m really looking forward to Easter. I know I’ll have a lot to help with-we are having our neighbors over for lunch-but still, I think it will be a good one.

Our neighbors don’t go to church at all. They say they’re Christians, but they never go to church. How does that work? I thought Christians grew from contact with other Christians. I know our family sure has! I have doubts as to how well their method works….

Anyhow, I will probably not be writing tomorrow (after all, it is Sunday and we need a change from the ordinary to make it special and relaxing…) But I’ll be back in the swing of things on Monday. We have so much this week! It’ll be fun. I live on busyness (which is a good thing) and we have to go shopping soon!



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Coie Igarashi said...

I don’t believe in giggling, conformity, or pink. I'm common sensical and realistic

Wow, you described me there. Scary.