12 June 2006

Last couple weeks

Well, we had a blast skating with our friends on Sunday. It took our minds off some of the sad happenings of the day, so it was SO worth doing it, even though it was pretty far from our house. Skating is therapeutic, I think.

On Friday, I got the go-ahead on my summer project. I wanted to earn money for a few real big, money-comsuming things. So I started working that afternoon and worked for right at two hours.

On Saturday, I worked more on the fence, which is my summer job. I'll be stripping and repainting it on both sides for a reasonable sum. It's simply tedious work-not too hard.

Sunday, my sis convinced me to sign up for speech and debate camp, which runs from August 31st-September 4th right here in Colorado. I was really totured by the idea of not having enough money and having to go into debt, etc. Money bothers me! I don't like banking at all-it makes me nervous. But I'm earning enough money with my summer job and odd work I've done in the past, plus my parents are going 50/50 with me on the expenses, so it makes it MUCH easier on me. But I'll still be working hard. I think debate camp is worth it, though.

I think that's all for now. Pretty much, I'll be sanding and painting fence a lot over the next few weeks (there's a 30-day limit on all the jobs my dad assigns-if you aren't done by the end of the 30 days, someone else can take your job, finish it, and get your full pay.)


Josh said...

Keep working that would stink to have some one else get paid for your work,

Do you roller skate or ice skate?

Firefly said...

Ya, I'm not real sure that's fair, but hey, my dad's the one paying! He gets to decide. We went roller skating. Only way to go! Faster, warmer (good? or really sweaty? :) and a lot more fun. Have you bladed before?


Josh said...

I have been roller skating blading and ice skating, I like the ice skating.

nice profile pic thats awesome.

my summer job is being a scale boy at Vanlaeken berry farm

Firefly said...

my profile pic is by Bob Eggleton-it's called Black Dragon and something about coming out of mist...I really liked it: Hope i'm not infringing on any copyrights!

What does a scale boy do? Do you like it?


Josh said...

A scale boy weighs the berries that the mexicans pick and then stacks the flats of berries for the tractor to put on the truck to be hauled to the refinery.

Do I like it? Most of the time, but when there are no berries to be weighed, it gets really boring.

I have a hillarious farmers tan right now