13 April 2006


Sneezes…sniffs…miserable! We are debating in one week and MY THROAT IS SORE! Ack! *Panics!* Ok, well, I guess I had better stay away from all that sugar I’ve been consuming lately…maybe. Hey, that would help things! I think….

Tomorrow is our history test. Then we will be dedicated to history, debate and geometry. Like we usually do. Yay. I’m really excited about providing host housing, though! This family is the best!

I wish I had a better relationship with my mom! *frowns meaningfully* I think I’ll keep working on it. One of our friends had a real rough relationship with his mom when he was about my age…now his mom says they have a good relationship. That would be great! No more arguing. I don’t like arguing but I do when I think I have to defend myself. Grrr…no one else my age argues with their mom though, right? It isn’t any fun. I should know. I did it this morning. It always gets sort of glossed over, but it’s still there.

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Firefly said...

And I hope this doesn't look too much like Pete's site, the Epitome of Orangeness at the-pete.blogspot.com. But that one is pretty cool too, so I don't mind! ...hopefully he doesn't mind, either.